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We enable undergraduate, MBA & master’s degree candidates to have the best possible platform and understanding for admissions success - Apply to anywhere in the world.

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Who we are

Banyanbridge was formed to serve students with a meaningful and connected counseling experience.

Our counselors have decades of collective admissions experience.

Picking a Book

What we do?

  • Consulting for the entire application process for undergraduate and graduate programs

  • School selection & full application review alongside essay prep and guidance

  • Review and feedback on completed applications

  • Interview Preparation

  • Mentorship programs


Step 1

Book a FREE 30-minute consultation - the counselor’s LinkedIn profile will be shared

Step 2

After your first meeting, go ahead and select from our application packages

Step 3

Work alongside your dedicated counselor on applications and interview prep. Apply!

Taking Notes

The Banyanbridge Method

Your Goals

In our first meet, we walk through your goals and discover possibilities.

Building on Your Strengths

Establish a clear plan on how to get you into the best universities possible, building on your journey.

A Unique Game Plan

Create a unique roadmap based on your strengths, expectations, and possibilities.

The Right Counselor

Connect each student with the perfectly matched top-tier or Ivy League university counselor.

 Your Best-Fit Universities

Along with your counselor we identify the best-fit institutions for you. 

The Perfect Application!

We will work together and do everything possible to get the best application ready. We can help!

Adult Students

Shahrukh recently helped me with my graduate applications as a dietetics student pursuing the registered dietitian credential. Through this experience, Shahrukh offered invaluable guidance with my resume, personal statements, and supporting information within each application.

Shahrukh was quick with communicating and helped me structure my workload as I applied to 4 schools. I felt that Shahrukh truly cared about my applications and was interested in learning more about my studies within nutrition to better guide me along my journey. Overall, I greatly appreciated having Shahrukh review these components, as he is well versed in graduate applications.

Taylor Meeth
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